Benefits of RFID in retail: Improved inventory management and happier customers

The use of RFID offers a whole range of advantages, two of which clearly stand out: precision and speed. DENSO explains what this means for the retail sector.

From inventory control to increasing sales and reducing inventory costs, RFID has a positive impact on various aspects in retail. Even though RFID is not a new concept – a patent for the first RFID tag was developed as early as 1973 –, a lot has changed, especially with the increased use of mobile computers, mobile data collection, and the implementation of digitalisation processes. Thanks to the development of less expensive RFID tags, the use of the technology has become more and more established, especially in retail.

DENSO WAVE EUROPE offers innovative RFID readers and Cloud Based Solutions to enable retailers to work more efficiently. “With our scanners and solutions, employees in the retail sector can optimize and accelerate their processes,” says David Walker, Business Development Manager – RFID Solutions at DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

DENSO’s RFID readers are ideal for working along the entire supply chain. In addition, the RFID-based inventory management, which DENSO implements with their partner RFKeeper, offers clear advantages for the retail sector.

Less risk, more precision: RFID Inventory Management

“By combining our efficient RFID technology with RFKeeper’s Cloud Based and mobile applications, we digitalise our customers’ inventory management,” explains Walker. This is possible, as RFID-based solutions create a more accurate overview along the supply chain and minimize risks such as over/under stock, shrinkage but also process errors in the supply chain.

Furthermore, the customer experience can be improved with RFID. Imagine a customer looking for a specific product in a brick-and-mortar store because they discovered it while browsing online and was informed that the goods were available locally. But if the customer visits the store and the specific product is not in stock, meaning it was displayed incorrectly due to an error in the inventory, they will be very disappointed and may well go elsewhere to purchase a similar product. But with RFID, such a negative customer experience can be prevented. The modular plug & play solution that DENSO offers with RFKeeper, improves inventory and sales efficiency in the store through circa 99 % accurate shipping confirmations, inventory counts, search options, and replenishment reports. This video shows how the RFID Inventory Management of DENSO and RFKeeper works.

Moreover, the RFID Inventory Management offers in-store customer engagement solutions. Retailers can increase their sales opportunities, for example, with smart fitting rooms, digital signage or self-checkouts. DENSO and RFKeeper’s RFID Inventory Management comes with user-friendly analytics dashboards and the ability to track every item in the supply chain. The management of daily processes is included in the functions as well.

DENSO also offers the necessary hardware: innovative RFID scanners

DENSO’s SP1 UHF RFID Scanner is the perfect companion for the RFID Inventory Management with RFKeeper. Thanks to the newly developed Autopilot function, the RFID scanner now reads up to 1,000 tags per second and reduces inventory count by up to 50 percent compared to the use without the Autopilot function.

At the POS, another RFID scanner from DENSO can create advantages for retailers. With the UR20 RFID scanner, long queues at the cash register can be avoided. Employees in retail can quickly and easily scan all of a customer’s products at once. Since the scanning range of the UR20 is around 80 centimetres, other goods are not accidentally scanned.

This is how DENSO supports retail clients in regards to digitalisation processes – with data collection devices and the RFID-based solution with RFKeeper.


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