Digitization in retail


Improve processes and customer experience

The more efficiently the workflows in your business or retail are organized, the better your chances of economic success. The use of innovative technologies not only makes processes faster, but usually also more precise. Your employees can therefore concentrate optimally on your customers - without compromising on the quality of their other work. On the contrary: if you have implemented the right strategy and technology in your store, you can offer your customers an optimized shopping experience, retain them in the long term, and sustainably increase your sales. For many retailers, the Corona pandemic was the decisive wake-up call to digitization in retail - especially through online extensions. But there are also efficient options for digitization at the POS, such as self-checkout through intelligent scanner-operated checkout systems or optimized inventory management thanks to mobile data capture.


Whether in online or stationary commerce, the clear goal of retail companies is to sell goods. However, the way to achieve this is fundamentally different: Many customers now rely on online stores or similar e-commerce solutions to buy their products, thus damaging brick-and-mortar retail. Others only obtain information online and buy offline - often via click & collect. The latter approach is called the ROPO effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline) and is an affordable option for retailers with an online presence. This shows how important an online presence is for brick-and-mortar retailers in order to attract customers to the retail store. However, this can only be adequately established and continuously organized if the necessary data is securely and quickly recorded in the retail store - for example, in order to be able to call up current availability online. With the right tools, your employees can capture all important data error-free in no time and focus much more on customer service - for a compelling buying experience and ultimately more business. Have you already started digitization in your company's retail stores?


Online trade vs. retail: Digitization offers retailers new opportunities

Digitize retail and create more time for customer service

The challenge

The digital transformation in brick-and-mortar retailing is both a major challenge and a promising opportunity for retailers: the aim is to offer customers added value in the retail sector. This is primarily about a better shopping experience in the store than with online shopping or with competitors. For example, making sales faster, easier, more convenient and more eventful. So, as a business, you need to free up more time for your employees to provide better customer service. In addition, the hurdles to buying on site must be kept as low as possible - for example, when paying or picking up products via Click & Collect. Customers' expectations and demands are high, because a (comparable) product is often available on the Internet within just a few clicks. So for your customer to buy their items from you in the store, they must not only be convinced by the product itself, but also by the buying experience - keyword: customer loyalty. Cleverly linking the right hardware on site with merchandise management software can make all the difference.

Mobile data capture by scanner at POS

Our solution

Whether barcode scanners, QR code scanners or RFID scanners: Mobile data capture devices with direct interfaces to the merchandise management system create significantly more overview, time and precision for the work of your employees. Our easy-to-use mobile terminals enable them to reduce sources of error when recording information, for example during inventory or goods receiving. In addition, real-time data helps keep your inventories as tight as possible and reduce tied-up capital. With the fast retrieval of availabilities - also online by customers if  mobile data capture devices, merchandise management system and online presence are coupled - you then set the standards that will apply to all retailers in the future. Thanks to the numerous process optimizations, you and your employees can once again focus on sales and customer loyalty - with the option of setting up or expanding an online store as a second mainstay alongside stationary retail. With our mobile scanners or mobile computers, you already have the appropriate hardware for data capture in your store - for the development of new, lucrative retail strategies.

Satisfied customers through digitization in retail

Your advantages

To drive digitization in your retail business, you need to rely on the right technologies. With mobile data capture devices from DENSO, your store employees are optimally equipped for the future of retail. The benefits promise both optimized processes and resulting customer loyalty:

  • More time for customer service
  • Improved shopping experience for customers
  • Faster, more secure data capture
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced capital commitment
  • Numerous application areas (self-checkout, goods receipt)
  • Error prevention during data entry
  • Real-time overview of products and goods
  • Robust hardware with ergonomic design



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