Digitalisation of security technology Zone-D protects more than just properties

The once analogue technology for alarm and security systems is becoming increasingly digital. DENSO offers modern Zone-D laser sensor.

The digitalisation and development of modern technologies is increasingly expanding in the field of security technology. There are numerous benefits, as companies – for example in retail and logistics, but also in urban planning and administration – can use the new possibilities and solutions to implement a targeted and effective cost-saving security concept. DENSO WAVE EUROPE offers the Zone-D laser sensor, a modern security solution to effectively protect properties and facilities. This video shows how the Zone-D works. Compared to a CCTV, the automatic tracking system of the Zone-D covers a much wider radius.
According to Protector, the magazine for security technology and business protection, studies show that more than half of all companies from whom critical information was stolen, are no longer in business after less than two years. And as important as it is to protect data from cyberattacks, it is equally important to create smart buildings and secure infrastructures. After all, the issue of security is inseparably linked to the increasing digitalisation in all areas of life. The Zone-D thus not only secures properties, but also airports, railroad crossings, as well as water, electricity and gas plants. The innovative security laser scanner contributes to the security of people and companies, as it can provide targeted protection against break-ins or robberies, for example.
Intelligent property protection with the Zone-D works with 2D scanning: unlike line and curtain type sensors, the laser sensor scans entire properties and accurately detects the position of moving objects. The special feature: The areas that the Zone-D monitors can be divided into individual zones. A green zone, for example, can be detected by the security laser scanner so that no alarm is activated. A red zone can be marked, if extra protection is required, for instance, if a server with sensitive data is located in this area, or a safe. The areas of application for the Zone-D are practically limitless, because the security laser scanner communicates with networked devices as required by the respective application.
In combination with security equipment such as PTZ cameras, warning lights, and sirens, the Zone-D can send signals to the linked devices. PTZ cameras, for instance, can be controlled by the Zone-D to automatically follow intruders. Furthermore, a responsible employee can be alerted via a linked smartphone as soon as someone breaks into a critical zone. Among other things, this makes real-time intrusion protection with remote monitoring possible.

In addition, the Zone-Dcan be integrated into the Milestone video management software, which is already used in more than 500,000 installations worldwide. DENSO’s Zone-D security system is implemented in more than 500 projects in Asia, including Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. At Nagoya Airport in Japan, for example, 300 vertically mounted Zone-D laser sensors protect the take-off and landing area from intruders. At this airport, one of the main advantages of the Zone-D is that the security laser scanner reduces false alarms that had previously been triggered, for example, by extreme weather conditions such as typhoons. The Zone-D laser sensor works reliably under all lighting conditions, and even rain or fog do not affect its functionality.
In short, digitalisation and modern technologies have opened up new perspectives in the field of security technology over the past years. To ensure that companies in logistics, warehouse management, retail, transport, as well as event management, healthcare, and other industries become safer and more sustainable in the long term, the Zone-D laser sensor offers individual combination and application options.


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