Even better with Android 13: Update for DENSO’s BHT-M series

As of autumn 2023, the operating system on our handheld series will be Android 13.

With its predecessors Marshmallow and Nougat – to name just two – and codenamed Tiramisu, it forms one of the most popular sweet treat buffets of all time: Android 13 will be available for mobile computers from DENSO, starting in autumn 2023. “The important operating system offers numerous advantages – reason enough to highlight the update in more detail,” explains Dirk Gelbrich, General Manager Technical Department at DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

With the update to Android 13, DENSO is responding to the demand of users in logistics, manufacturing, and retail, for example. The BHT-M series, i.e., the mobile computers BHT-M60, BHT-M70, and BHT-M80, are even better with the new operating system. For instance, Android 13 comes with its own QR Code scanner, which can be accessed on the lock screen via the quick settings. Hence, users do not always need to open the camera first. As the inventor of the QR Code , DENSO WAVE offers various models for fast and easy mobile data collection.

As there is no way around the advancing digitization, especially in the logistics, manufacturing, and retail sectors, but also in healthcare, for example, the update to Android 13 is an essential step. The data collection devices of the BHT-M series accelerate and simplify processes even more efficiently and ease the workload of employees.

Our BHT-M series is robust and powerful, and with Android 13, the mobile computers are even more user-friendly. “Android is an intuitive operating system that the majority of users are familiar with because of their smartphones. This leads to short adapting phases in handling the mobile computers,” says Gelbrich. “Thanks to the familiar user experience, employees can get started almost immediately, which in turn saves time and money.”

The mobile computers of the BHT-M series are equipped with DENSO’s best scan engine. Whether creased, smeared, poorly printed or even behind highly reflective surfaces: With the handheld scanners, users can capture even the most difficult labels quickly and effortlessly. So far, the mobile computers have been equipped with Android 10. However, since more and more users need a modern and up-to-date operating system that is compatible with other end devices, DENSO is responding to the demand.

“We strive for perfection with our devices and Auto-ID solutions and are therefore focused on long-lasting, sustainable quality. The fact that our mobile computers will soon receive an update makes them the perfect companions in retail, warehousing or for mobile scanning on the go,” says Gelbrich and is looking forward to the update.


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